d           r i           v i n           g s o u          n d s & a      r t s

L O R I N     



44,8m x 5.05m x 3.85m


Visits from Wed 30 January 2019:  anmari.wili@gmail.com, +41 78 633 9488




Lorin was extended by my predecessors from 38.8m length by 6m to 44.8m and thus does not fit into the locks of the French channels. For this, the ship is not created. To navigate the canals France offers exactly for tourism countless magnificent residential boats of different sizes and models.


With Lorin interesting cities such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, all major rivers and canals can be traveled.


Lorin, rebuilt in 2009 as a cultural freighter, is ideal for living/working in peace on the water, for artist residency, also for events for up to 100 people, as a gallery, seminars, or for family/shared flats etc.




1951 built in boom in - Belgium by R.de Winter

Type of vehicle: General purpose vessel, type Freycinet

Registered in Netherlands

Complete fresh painting above and below water in summer 2018

2 independent apartments: 1 loft with 150m2 and 3.65 height plus complete captain's cabin with 2 double bedrooms, living room, kitchen and toilet/shower;

Gorgeous mooring in Strasbourg, in the middle of green, with a free view from the windows, the unique sympathetic port European Boat Trading, 2km from the cathedral in the historic city center, central yet quiet, with an automatically extending contract.

Parking in front of the boat.

The again valid for 5 years certificate is currently being processed. In the future there will also be opportunities for certificates with a longer duration.


The entire cargo space, 30m x 5.05m x 3.65m, is built into a coherent loft:


Coming down the stairs to the right under the antique 6-arm chandelier from Lima/Peru: bathroom with jacuzzi, shower, marble double vanity with view from the windows onto the water.


Right around the corner: place for sewing and ironing with view from the window onto the water.


Coming down the stairs to the left: washing tower with washing machine MIELE and tumbler AEG, space for vacuum cleaners, suitcases etc.  


Right straight: open kitchen with large fridge/freezer, gas hob, electric oven SIEMENS, dishwasher V ZUG, bar, fitted cupboards, Brazilian granite as kitchen surface. The kitchen serves perfect as a bar for larger occasions.


As separation to the bathroom against departure as well as against kitchen: generous planting.

On the left before entering in to the kitchen: cargo space toilet, a double-walled acrylic glass/wood /aluminum construction with artistic partition wall extensions.


From here on you install everything moveable, for example latest:


On your left a dining table for 4-8 people, half of a ping-pong table.

On your right under the antique 8-arm chandelier also from Lima/Peru, the lounge with artistically converted lounge installation consisting of 1 sofa for 4 persons/sofa bed for 1 person with 2 armchairs, and a single 2nd sofa.

Behind the hanging partition the bedroom with transparent furniture and 2 hanging wardrobes.


Behind the next hanging partition, a unique joiner's work from Lima/Peru combined with own extensions, the studio area including a very good Petrof Grand Piano, 3rd sofa in front of the largest and deepest window of the whole ship with view onto the water, the large work table plus other tables, is suitable for generous work and bigger dinners, events etc.


After the last partitions as completion of the cargo space to the bow a wall with a spacious frame.

The whole room is modifiable for all different needs. All electrical installations are flexible.


There are 52 built-in portholes made of copper:


Roof: 10 round ones and rectangular ones with slat and pyramid cut.

Port to the bank: 17 small portholes, laid out in an interesting line.

Starboard to the water side above the gangway: 7 rectangular locked portholes.

Starboard lower area 18 rectangular portholes to open.

All the starboard-side portholes come from discarded Pakistani seagoing vessels in the Pacific.


The cargo space with a height of 3.6m is heated by floor heating, which is coupled to the central heating for the radiators in the old part.

As heaters for the central heating system, the following options are available:

Oil heating, heat pump, electric storage heater.


The hyper-efficient insulation with a special composition of 17 changing layers of aluminum foil and fleece comes from China. The striking difference to the traditional insulation with rock wool in the old part is noticeable both in wintertime - see the pictures with non-melting snow on the roof - as in summertime.

All the insulation in the cargo space is provided with a strong construction so that plasterboard or large solid objects can be attached.


The 4-part roof of the cargo space can be opened at one point so that all large objects as washing machines, grand pianos and sofas etc. can be transported in and out easlily.


The cargos space roof is painted white, which on the one hand balances the climate in the boat and on the other hand allows the use of the roof as a terrace even in strong sunshine. Two rows of plant pots as a railing are already attached. Further design in own discretion.


The old part consists of separate heated bathroom with toilet, shower with view from the portholes, and sink.

Through the wheelhouse, it goes to the original 50s kitchen with spacious sink, refrigerator, glass ceramic hob, table for about 4 people.


3 steps down to get to the salon with original herringbone oak parquet, artful radiator cover, cleverly fitted closets.

From there you go to the two double cabins. The port side is the original captain's cabin with beveled mirrors in the cabinet door and the original built captain's bed. Both cabins have bedside tables with marble cover.

The whole old part finances partially to generously over short-term rentals the fees at European Boat Trading for the mooring.


In the bow, the former sailors apartment, preparations are made to build a small third independent apartment.


On deck over the original kitchen: a removable weatherproof sun roof facility.


Rear mast and bow mast for fairy lights or flag installations.


The ship with European Community certificate is with Scania engine, anchors, generator etc. also very good equipped for driving. The contact with the former long-time shipowners: Captain and sailor, persists and allows driving where the heart desires.


On Saturday market with fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmer come by boat - see the photo - directly through the window. Of course to pay by card, on est en France!


the Last but not least: To Lorin belongs Little Lorin, a Guggisberg Aluminum Boat, 5 persons, with sun/water cover. Outboard motor with remote ignition from steering wheel.


Diesel main tank 9164lt

Drinking water 2900lt

2 empty reserve tanks in the engine room port and starboard each à 1944 lt

Day tank 488lt

Generator tank bow 235lt